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$3,000 Bonus Pay Starts to Hit the Banks of Police Officers in Pennsylvania

Bonus pay
Police officers already received $3,000 bonus pay in Pennsylvania. (Photo: MarketWatch)

Police officers residing in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, have been issued bonus checks worth $3,000 following a tragic shooting incident last month.

Bonus pay

Police officers already received $3,000 bonus pay in Pennsylvania. (Photo: MarketWatch)

Bonus Pay for Police Officers

The incident led to the shutdown of the McKeesport Police Department for two weeks, causing officers to lose pay, including overtime and court matters. The bonus pay was authorized by Mayor Michael Cherepko and added to the payroll on February 24th.

The bonus pay applies to every officer, including part-time employees and the chief of police, who lost pay during the period. Even those who have not returned to duty yet are eligible for the bonus pay, according to an article published in The U.S. Sun.

The move was aimed at reducing stress levels for the affected officers. A total of 39 officers were issued a combined $117,000 in payments, which were funded by a portion of the $24.7 million the city received from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act.

According to McKeesport solicitor Jason Elash, the Mayor has the power to dictate department budgets where he sees fit, and no green light from the City Council was required.

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Purpose of the Bonus Pay

The bonus pay is expected to provide relief to the officers who were affected by the tragic shooting incident. Mayor Michael Cherepko authorized the bonus pay as a means of acknowledging the contributions of the police department and reducing stress levels for the affected officers.

This move will not only show the importance of the work that the police department does but also the value of acknowledging and supporting employees during difficult times. The bonus pay highlights the city’s commitment to its employees and ensuring that their needs are met.

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