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Wintertime: Do You Get Paid and Can You Take Time Off on Snowy Day?

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as -10C, and BRITS are preparing for another cold snap. (PHOTO: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)





After a yellow weather alert, eight inches of snow may fall in some parts of the UK. However, if you anticipate a snow day, you might not get paid for that day, depending on the employment agreement.

Which part of the UK is snow falling?

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a severe health alert. A yellow warning for snow and ice has been issued for most of Scotland, southwest of England, and Northern Ireland.

Scotland will probably have a 10-inch snow on Thursday and Friday since it is forecasted to continue falling until the weekend. Scots will experience blizzard conditions until Wednesday at 10 am.

(PHOTO: Everyday Health)

If the temperature drops, can you take a day off? 

You cannot take time off because it is cold. However, employers are required to provide a reasonable level of relief without needing special clothing. According to ACAS, dress codes should be considered to allow for warmer clothing, extra breaks, and alternative heating sources.

No law determines working temperatures, but Health and Safety Executive guidelines say offices should be at least 16 degrees or a minimum of 13C for rigorous jobs.

In the education sector, if schools are closed due to bad weather, you are legally allowed to take time off. However, it will be unpaid unless your contract says otherwise.

Employers are advised to consider the possibility of flexible working hours or rotas to help mitigate the effects of a cold spell since it is their responsibility to limit exposure and reduce draughts.

Can I take the day off work if it snows?

If it is possible to work from home, you will most likely be required to do so; otherwise, you may file a leave or make up for the hours.

Lastly, companies have different rules, so double-check the office handbook and contract to review your weather policy. Always remember the rule of thumb: notify your boss as soon as possible if you can’t go to work.

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