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Illinois Gov. Pritzker Still Seeking Graduated Income Tax Despite Previous Rejection

Illinois Gov. Pritzker
Illinois Gov. Pritzker pushes for graduated income tax. (Photo: CNBC)

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker revealed that he still aims to implement a graduated income tax on residents despite the previous proposal being rejected by voters.

Illinois Gov. Pritzker

Illinois Gov. Pritzker pushes for graduated income tax. (Photo: CNBC)

Gov. Pritzker is Determined to Push Tax Policy

Pritzker stated his belief in a fair tax system that ensures every child receives a good public education, irrespective of their ZIP code. Speaking at a forum at Harvard University, Pritzker revealed his determination to introduce the tax policy that failed in 2020.

The earlier proposal intended to increase income tax rates for higher earners with lawmakers being permitted to set the various rates. However, voters soundly rejected the plan, according to a published article in News Journal.

Pritzker asserted that he had backed the measure, put his own funds behind it, and campaigned to pass the graduated income tax. The proposed tax would have adequately funded underfunded schools, reduced property taxes, and raised billions of dollars in the state.

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State Representatives Opposed the Governor’s Proposal

In a published article in WIREPOINTS, Some state representatives, including Rep. Brad Halbrook, R-Shelbyville, opposed the tax, arguing that voters had already refused it. Halbrook further added that Pritzker needs to accept his failed plans and focus on cutting taxes, and regulations, and providing opportunities to the working class. Meanwhile, Rep. Adam Niemerg, R-Tuetopolis, believes that Pritzker should incentivize individuals to work and not depend on the government.

Pritzker, who took questions from students in attendance, stated that the introduction of a graduated income tax would not be as simple as it would have been had the proposal been approved in 2020. Although Pritzker still believes in a graduated income tax, its passage could prove difficult given the previous rejection by voters.

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