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$350 Relief Checks Will Be Sent to Eligible Residents in New Lenox, Illinois

$350 Relief Checks
$350 relief checks will be sent to eligible Americans. (Photo: Penn Live)

The residents of New Lenox, Illinois are set to receive relief checks worth an average of $350, which will be sent out to qualifying residents from a $2.1 million pot of funds through the town’s Property Tax Refund Program.

$350 Relief Checks

$350 relief checks will be sent to eligible Americans. (Photo: Penn Live)

$350 Relief Checks

The program has been running for 13 years, with eligible residents receiving a refund for 100% of their 2021 property taxes. The deadline to apply for the rebate was December 15, 2022, and applicants must have been living in New Lenox in 2021 and still reside in the town to qualify.

To apply for the rebate, residents must have owned a property in a single-family home, townhome, apartment unit, or condominium unit, with owners of multi-unit buildings required to reside in one of the units to be eligible, according to a published article in OUTSIDER.

Applicants must also provide a copy of their 2021 Levy Property Tax Bill and their identification card. It’s important to note that residents will not receive their relief checks if they have any outstanding bills, tickets, or violations owed to the village of New Lenox.

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When Will They Receive the Relief Checks?

The relief checks are set to be sent out on or around March 6th to residents who have qualified for the payment and completed the application on time. Trustee David Butterfield shared that in 2022, the village handed out $1,574,274 in rebates, and Mayor Tim Baldermann commented that the program has been running for so long that they don’t make a lot of fanfare out of it.

This relief program comes amidst other relief checks being offered in various states throughout the US, including inflation relief checks and stimulus payments. In Massachusetts, the state is providing eligible taxpayers with a refund of up to 14.0312% of their personal income tax liability based on their 2021 tax returns.

Last October, a number of states were offering stimulus checks to their residents, ranging from $3,200 in Alaska to $50 in Illinois, although the checks were not named as part of a stimulus program.

New Lenox’s Property Tax Refund Program is set to provide much-needed relief to its residents, and it’s just one example of relief efforts being offered throughout the country to aid those in need.

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