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Texas Woman Uses Her $1,200 Stimulus Check to Reach Nearly $1 Million

Texas Woman
Jasmine Taylor, Texas woman, used her $1,200 stimulus check to reach nearly $1 million. (Photo: TikTok)

Jasmine Taylor, a 31-year-old Texas, woman, has turned her newfound money management strategy into a successful business after posting videos of herself using the “envelope method” on TikTok.

Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor, Texas woman, used her $1,200 stimulus check to reach nearly $1 million. (Photo: TikTok)

Texas Woman is on track to $1 Million

Jasmine Taylor discovered “cash stuffing” on YouTube in January 2021, which involves physically dividing up her money into envelopes, each representing different expenses. This simple budgeting method helped her pay off $23,000 in student debt, medical debt, and credit card debt in the first year.

Taylor’s TikTok videos went viral, and she has amassed over 628,000 followers. She turned her new-found popularity into a business called Baddies and Budgets, which sells budgeting supplies, money courses, and other accessories. The business made $850,000 in 2022 and is on track to clear $1 million this year, according to an article published in CNBC.

The “envelope method” of budgeting is not new and was widely used before debit cards and online payments became popular. Taylor operates on a zero-based budget, where she gives every dollar a place to go, down to zero, starting with her paycheck number. She then divides her money into physical cash and puts it into envelopes or labeled binders for bills, variable expenses, sinking funds, emergency funds, and savings accounts.

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How the Texas Woman Used Her $1,200 Stimulus Check to Form Baddies and Budgets?

Taylor noticed a market for people who found cash stuffing attractive but found plain envelopes drab. She used her $1,200 stimulus check to form Baddies and Budgets, buying a Shopify account, shipping supplies, material for cash-stuffing wallets, and a Cricut machine to print labels for envelopes and wallet covers.

In a published article in USA Today, Taylor pays herself a salary of just $1,200 a week and reinvests heavily in the business, setting aside some for her expenses and some toward retirement accounts and other savings challenges.

Taylor has been able to turn her TikTok presence into a successful business by tapping into a market that finds money content boring and offering something that people genuinely want to engage with. Her line of products has expanded beyond the necessities as more and more fans have begun to identify with her brand.

Taylor’s story serves as a reminder that simple budgeting methods can be effective in managing finances and that perseverance and hard work can turn a simple idea into a thriving business.

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