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Harry And Kiko Were Seen Strolling Down A Street In Tokyo Just After The Singer Kissed Emily Ratajkowski

Harry and Kiko Styles went home together.(Photo: Live cam footage )

Just a few hours after snogging supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, heartthrob singer Harry and Kiko Styles went “home” together..

Harry Styles snogging supermodel Emily Ratajkowski(Photo: The Sun)

Harry and Kiko Were Seen Walking Down A Sreet In Tokyo In Live Webcam Footage In Tokyo

Former One Direction member Harry and Kiko Mizuhara can be seen walking down a street in Tokyo in live webcam footage taken at around 5 in the morning.

Harry was captured on camera kissing and cuddling Emily, 31, after her concert just a few hours earlier at 10 p.m.

Harry put his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky as he walked alongside Kiko last Sunday in the deserted party district of Shinjuku while donning the same navy suit and untucked white shirt from earlier in the night.

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Harry And Kiko Were Rumored To Be Dating And Had Attended A Party Together

Kiko, who is also an actress, was walking next to Harry and offering him cover under her clear dome umbrella while sporting a bright pink wig and knee-high silver boots.

In 2019, Harry and Kiko were rumored to be dating and had attended a party together.

Kiko appeared to be wearing angel wings in a photo taken at the rave. Later, as he walked next to her, Harry was seen sporting a pair.

According to a source, Harry and Kiko have a long history together, and he is completely himself around her.

She is aware that he is recognized wherever he goes, so it was a chance for the two of them to talk without being watched by curious onlookers.

Harry adores Tokyo, and the city holds a very special place in their hearts.

Only a few hours earlier, a fan’s videotape of Harry kissing US model Emily in a passionate clinch by a car.

In the widely shared video, which showed him grabbing her bottom, the two were all over each other.

It came after his second performance in Tokyo as part of his aptly named Love On Tour concert tour.

The models do not follow one another on Instagram, and it is understood that Emily did not attend the party with Harry and Kiko.

Kiko, a Dallas native, hosted the invitation-only rave to mark the beginning of her partnership with fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

“Kiko Mizuhara presents — This Must Be Heaven,” read the party poster. Only Angels. Marc Jacobs’ Heaven.

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