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Up To $800 Monthly Guaranteed Income Program, Other Payments in California

Monthly payments
Guaranted Income Program in California. (Photo: NRP)

The United Way California Capital Region, in partnership with the city of Sacramento, has implemented a guaranteed income program aimed at providing financial assistance to cash-strapped residents.

Monthly payments

Guaranteed Income Program in California. (Photo: NRP)

Guaranteed Income Program Application and Deadline

The guaranteed income program, which is set to end in May, is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act funds. The first phase of the program saw 100 households receive $300 monthly payments for a year. Currently, applications are open for the second phase, which will offer 80 families $500 monthly payments for a year.

The United Way has stated that the first payments in the second phase of the guaranteed income program will start going out on July 1. Eligible residents have until April 15 at 2:59 am to apply online. The participants for the program will be chosen via a lottery system, according to a published article in The U.S. Sun.

Qualification for Guaranteed Income Program

To qualify for the program, applicants must live in Sacramento and make less than the specific income cap based on household size. The city has provided an online tool for representatives to check if an applicant’s address qualifies.

In Palm Springs, Queer Works and DAP Health have partnered to provide 30 individuals with $800 monthly payments for a year and a half. The Palm Springs City Council has allocated $500,000 for the program, and the first batch of payments is scheduled to arrive on May 15.

Additionally, single mothers in El Monte can claim a $500 monthly payments guaranteed income program for a year. There will be 125 low-income, single mothers chosen to participate, and the funding for this program is also from American Rescue Act funding. Applications for this program close on April 15.

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Why Is There a Need for a Guaranteed Income Program?

The guaranteed income program in California is an effort to provide support to those who have been affected by the pandemic’s economic downturn. The program is one of several that have been implemented across the state in recent months.

These programs have the potential to provide financial stability to families who are struggling to make ends meet, allowing them to pay for basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare. While the guaranteed income programs have a limited scope and duration, they represent a vital effort to address the financial challenges faced by many low-income families.

The guaranteed income programs in California demonstrate how a community can come together to support those in need during challenging times.

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