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One-Time Payment for Residents in Maine

One-time payment
One-time payment for residents in Maine. (Photo: Grit)

Maine residents who qualify are set to receive one-time payments as part of an energy relief program.

One-time payment

One-time payment for residents in Maine. (Photo: Grit)

Emergency Winter Relief Plan

The payments are part of the state’s Emergency Winter Energy Relief Plan that aims to help Mainers who are struggling with rising energy costs. Around 880,000 eligible individuals will receive a $450 check by March 31, 2023.

Residents don’t need to take any action to receive the payment. All checks will be mailed via the US Postal Service to the address provided on the 2021 Maine Individual income tax return, according to a published article in The U.S. Sun.

To be eligible, individuals must have filed a Maine income tax return as a full-year resident of the state for the tax year 2021 by October 31, 2022.

In addition, individuals must not have reported a federal adjusted income of less than $200,000 for married joint returns, $150,000 for the head of household returns, or $100,000 for single individuals or married individuals filing separate returns. Moreover, they may not be claimed as dependents on another taxpayer’s return for the tax year.

How Much Will You Receive?

The Winter Energy Emergency Relief Plan is not the only aid offered by the state. The Heating Energy Assistance Program Supplement doubles the federal benefit, providing an additional $800 to $1,100 to the Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistant Program, with the average benefit amounting to $1,600 to $2,200.

Additionally, the governor has allocated $10 million to the Maine Community Action Partnerships to provide emergency fuel assistance and prevent people from running out of heating fuel. About 12,500 households may be eligible for up to $800 in emergency funds to avoid a heating crisis.

In addition to the energy relief program, Maine residents may be eligible for a rebate between $400 to $800 from the state’s $3 billion surplus pot. This initiative aims to provide residents with extra funds to help them through difficult times. Maine Governor Janet Mills has encouraged all eligible Mainers to apply for this rebate.

The winter energy relief program and the rebate initiative are part of the state’s effort to assist its residents who are facing challenging economic conditions. These programs may provide some financial relief to help residents meet their basic needs during the winter season.


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