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$500 Monthly Cash Assistance Pilot Program Will Be Sent to a Group of Americans in Minnesota

$500 monthly cash assistance program
$500 monthly cash assistance program to a group of Americans. (Photo: Independent

A new payment cash assistance pilot program aimed at assisting struggling artists in Minnesota will provide eligible participants with $500 per month for 18 months, beginning in March.

$500 monthly cash assistance program

$500 monthly cash assistance program to a group of Americans. (Photo: Independent

$500 Monthly Cash Assistance Pilot Program

The initiative, called Springboard for the Arts, is intended to address “economic inequity” among artists and creative workers and provide a financial safety net for them, according to a report published in The U.S. Sun. It builds upon an earlier program launched in 2021.

The selection process for the cash assistance pilot program has already been completed, with 75 participants chosen at random. These artists have already received support from Springboard’s Coronavirus Personal Emergency Relief Fund and other services. Payments will begin by April 3.

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Aim of the Cash Assistance Pilot Program

The cash assistance pilot program will focus on 50 artists in Frogtown and Rondo in St. Paul, as well as 25 in Otter Tail County. According to Michele Anderson, rural director at Springboard, the program will be a “game changer” for artists who want to remain in the region and contribute to their communities.

She believes that artists are essential to the quality of life, but they are often overlooked or lack the investment and safety nets that other sectors have benefited from.

While the program’s eligibility criteria have already been met, it is a noteworthy effort to support artists during the pandemic. Many artists have struggled to make ends meet, as their income streams have been disrupted by COVID-19 restrictions. The pilot program may serve as a model for similar efforts to support artists and creative workers in other regions of the country.

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