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Woman Behind Sarah Lawrence Sex Trafficking Scheme Apprehended

Sex Trafficking Scheme
Pollok engaged in "extreme and sadistic violence" in committing "severe" crimes. (Photo: CTV) News)
Sex Trafficking Scheme

Pollok engaged in “extreme and sadistic violence” in committing “severe” crimes. (Photo: NBC News)

A New York woman was sentenced to more than four years in prison on Wednesday for her role in an ex-decade-long convict’s plot to extort and commit a sex trafficking scheme to her daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College classmates.

Isabella Pollok must report to prison by April 25 to begin serving a 4-and-a-half-year sentence imposed by the U.S., According to District Judge Lewis J. Liman. This resulted from her failure to rebel against Lawrence Ray’s crimes.

Pollok engaged in “extreme and sadistic violence” in committing “severe” crimes after being recruited when she was 19 and vulnerable, according to the judge.

Ray, 63, was sentenced to 60 years in prison last month after being convicted after a trial in which his victims described how he convinced them that they had poisoned him before forcing them to make amends by doing work for him, obeying his commands, and paying him cash.

Pollok, who pleaded guilty to a money laundering conspiracy charge in September, sobbed as she spoke briefly before being sentenced.

Pollok, 31, who attended the Westchester County school where Ray met most of his victims, faced up to five years in prison.

Sex Trafficking Scheme

Pollok engaged in “extreme and sadistic violence” in committing “severe” crimes. (Photo: Los Angeles Times)

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Liman stated that he imposed the sentence partly because of Pollok’s cruelty to a woman Ray forced into this sex trafficking scheme. The judge said that she “gleefully” participated in an assault on the woman in a hotel room, where she was choked and suffocated with a plastic bag, among other things.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney Lindsey Keenan, Pollok played an “active role” in Ray’s sadistic acts, including handing “him a plastic bag so he could suffocate her college friend.”

Pollok also kept a catalog of video recordings of her former classmates in compromising sexual positions or allegedly admitting they had harmed Ray on her computer, according to Keenan, so she could retrieve the “collateral” if Ray wanted to discipline anyone.

Pollok had no lifeline when she met Ray, who brainwashed her, according to defense attorney David Bertan.

He mentioned that the woman forced into the involvement of this sex trafficking scheme had written to the judge pleading for Pollok’s release.

According to Bertan, Pollok was partly rebuilding her life by working at an Amazon warehouse.

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