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Tax Refund Application: IRS Starts Sending Tax Refunds, How to Avoid Delays?

Tax refund application
Tax refund application can now become faster and easier. (Photo: Accounting Today)

The IRS has released the website and app for tax refund applications to make the refunds easier and faster for taxpayers.

Tax refund application

Tax refund application can now become faster and easier. (Photo: Accounting Today)

Tax Refund Application App and Website

The IRS has started sending tax refunds to taxpayers who have already filed their federal income tax. The tax refund application this year becomes easier and faster because of the app and website the agency released recently. Taxpayers can also track the status of their tax refund.

In a published article in CNBC, the revenue agency started accepting and processing income tax on Jan. 23 and it will end this April 18. The IRS also announced on Friday that taxpayers can check their tax refund application through the “Where’s My Refund” online tool or IRS2Go app.

Moreover, the agency also said that they are now more efficient and effective in processing the tax refund application. With the nearly $80 billion in funding that Congress approved in August, the IRS started the tax season with bigger customer service and enhanced technology, according to a report published in CBS News.

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How to Avoid Delays in Receiving Checks After Tax Refund Application?

Taxpayers expect that they will receive their checks within 21 days after they filed their tax refund application. However, there are some who experienced delays because of some changes in their personal information when they filed their federal income tax.

The IRS said that if taxpayers want to receive their checks within 21 days after their tax refund application they need to file an error-free, electronic return with direct deposit for payment. In an article published in ENTREPRENEUR, it is also advised to double-check the details on your return, including your address, Social Security number, and direct deposit details.

Furthermore, the IRS has already released nearly 8 million refunds worth about $15.7 billion as of Feb. 3. The average refund was $1,963 and the agency is still expecting more tax refund applications in the upcoming days.

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