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South Carolina: Husband Stabbed Wife 14 Times Charged with Life Sentence

A man stabbed his wife 14 times with a butcher knife. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

A man stabbed his wife 14 times with a butcher knife. (Photo: NBC29)

After 40 minutes of deliberation, a South Carolina jury sentenced a man to life in prison last week for stabbing his wife with a butcher knife 14 times because she wouldn’t shut up.

On June 15, 2019, 60-year-old Anthony Argoe of Summerville, South Carolina, was convicted of stabbing to death his wife, Lynda Shuler Argoe, 55.

On the night of the murder, the victim’s daughter called the police and asked them to check on her mother, who lived on Trolley Road with Anthony.

The First Judicial Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe found Lynda’s motionless body propped up against the couch.

Officers forced their way into the house and discovered the victim dead with a 19-inch butcher knife stuck out of the right side of her neck.

A man stabbed his wife 14 times with a butcher knife. (Photo: KEVN)

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Anthony Argoe was taken to a nearby hospital, where a blood alcohol level test revealed that he had consumed too much alcohol. During the trial, evidence showed blood splattered on Argoe’s jean shorts and blood on his flip-flops.

Several witnesses testified during the trial that Argoe’s life was spiraling in the weeks leading up to the murder. He allegedly stopped going to work before eventually quitting, spent days at home drinking, and went to a local convenience store to buy lottery tickets.

The victim texted Argo, expressing concern that he was buying alcohol but not paying his rent, resulting in their eviction.

Lynda had planned to leave Anthony on the day of the murder, and her car was parked outside the apartment where she was murdered.

Furthermore, the victim had been domestically abused for years. Argoe told a trial witness that he was tired of his wife nagging him and that “she would never shut up, so he shut her up for good.”

“This was an unbelievably brutal and heinous crime, and while the entire courtroom was crying as Lynda’s daughter testified, Argoe showed no remorse or sorrow,” prosecutor David Osborne said.

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