The committee plans to be briefed by House general counsel Doug Letter on the legal implications of the tax code provision that chairman Richard Neal used to request the tax returns.

Though Democrats will determine how to handle the records during their meeting on Thursday, they are not anticipated to review the tax returns at that time, and the documents are not expected to be immediately available to the public.

Trump’s Taxes Have been A Mystery

A Massachusetts Democrat refused to leave statements on to CNN on Wednesday if he had access to the Trump tax documents, saying the law strictly forbids discussing the state of the returns. Earlier that day, the congressman also refrained to say if they would release any of the returns publicly. Trump’s taxes have been largely a mystery since he sits first at the first White House as president and his legal team has consistently fought for the privacy of his tax returns after losing in the lower court, they appealed to the supreme court, which made them up to three of his nominee.