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2017 will be an important year for FC Cincinnati both on and off the field. Off the field, MLS expansion will be at the center of the conversation throughout the year. Orange and Blue Press will maintain this MLS Expansion Central page as a hub for all content related to FC Cincinnati’s bid for the first division of American soccer. The page will be updated regularly with news and additional content as it becomes available.

Latest News:

2/9 – MLS Expansion News – Six Markets, Part Two
2/4 – MLS Expansion News – Six Markets
1/23 – MLS Expansion News – Five Markets, Part Two
1/22 – MLS Expansion News – Five Markets

MLS Expansion Articles and Resources

MLS Expansion 101

Could MLS Expansion Be the Wrong Move for FC Cincinnati?

Garber Lays Out MLS Expansion Process for FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati Entertains Garber and MLS Aspirations

Soccer Don Lands at Lunken

 Recommended Reading

Almost every major sports news outlet has published articles on MLS expansion. Orange & Blue Press recommends the following articles as quality sources if you are looking to dig into the details.

MLS Expansion Press Release (December 15, 2016) – Read this if you want to hear all the details of MLS’ recent rules for expansion straight from the horse’s mouth.

Planet Futbol – Brian Straus – Mr. Straus has been covering the expansion topic on for some time. He is presenting an in-depth analysis of each market in January as the application deadline approaches. You should read them.

Fifty Five One – This article was released right after the December 15 MLS announcement. It summarizes and ranks the ten cities in contention.


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