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    MLS teams released their lists of protected (and unprotected players) ahead of Tuesday’s MLS Expansion draft. The following article provides a good summary of those players that are available for the Orange & Blue to select from. Who do you think FC Cincinnati should target on Tuesday?

    Players available for selection in 2018 Expansion Draft

    Stay tuned to Orange & Blue Press for our article discussing the players available.

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    There are so many moving parts to this machine that I’m probably not the best person to ask, but I’ll give it a shot.

    Tommy McNamara: His numbers fell dramatically with NYCFC over the past three years. He only played 10 games after playing 30 in 2016. I want to chalk this up to him not fitting Vieira’s system more than anything, but he could become a solid sub off the bench for offense.

    David Ousted: Journeyman GK, solid numbers with Vancouver in 2014-2017. Could be good for backup for Richey if Spence becomes the man.

    Florian Valot: Killed us in the midfield in 2016 and 2017. The downside is that it would be another midfielder and an international spot, but at 25 he’s still young and hungry. If not Valot, how about Abang or…(don’t make me say it)…Ndam?

    For the last two spots? I’m not sure, and I never will be sure. Flip them for a bigger trade like LAFC did with Ciman last year.

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    Michael Walker

    I like Stuver at goalkeeper from NYCFC, and am surprised Tommy McNamara is available from that team. I think fullback depth is key and Steven Beitashour at LAFC is an attractive looking player in that category. A younger option is Atlanta United’s Mikey Ambrose.

    Sticking with defense, maybe he just played one great game against Fanendo Adi in the playoffs but Hassan Ndam from RBNY looks to be a great young center back and Florian Valot is also available and extremely talented. I’m still combing through the details but look out for our article later today with some informed opinions on who FCC might select.

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    Nick Roth

    Benny Feilhaber and Perry Kitchen have some USMNT experience. Samuel Armenteros has a ton of MLS playoff experience with the Timbers. Klestjan has been a staple of the eastern conference for years.

    Seems like there are a lot of places to go wrong, but only a couple places to go right. This draft will be interesting.

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    Before looking at the list of unprotected players available today, it’s good to analyze the players that FCC has now announced as returning for the club’s inaugural MLS season. What stands out, as I recently posted on Orange & Blue Press, is the need for the following positions – keeper, center backs, fullbacks, CDMs and wingers. We are slim in these areas at this point.

    Also lacking in my opinion so far is an on-field captain – starting here, I believe we need to grab a seasoned veteran, such as a Michael Parkhurst. He’s won the Danish League, Danish Cup twice, MLS Cup on Saturday, Open Cup and Gold Cup twice. The question is would he retire if we picked him? Some media are reporting this.

    Our next highest need is in our keeper and back line. Although I’m a big fan and support bringing back Richey and Lasso, they have minimal and zero MLS experience respectively. Frankly, I would not have brought back either Smith or Hoyte. Soooo, depending on who the team has possibly lined up in the transfer market, we need to double down in these positional areas.

    As I noted in my Expansion Draft prep article a week ago, two keepers that may work well in the Orange & Blue are David Ousted (DCU), tons of MLS experience, Whitecaps flavor that Koch likes, and he’s sitting behind returning club legend Bill Hamid in the Capitol these days. Another less proven but potentially high upside guy is Brad Stuver (NYCFC); he is from Ohio and a former Dayton Dutch Lion and Crew back-up.

    Defenders, other than the potential reach with Parkhurst, I would be happy to see selected today include: Ambrose (ATL), Brillant (DCU), Harvey (LAFC), Castillo (Rapids), or Ndam (RBNY).

    Lastly, a couple midfielders that are worth a long look are Tommy McNamara (NYCFC) and Valot (RBNY).

    Happy selecting and second guessing all!

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