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    After “thank you” tweets from FC Cincinnati saying goodbye to the players, Indy Eleven announced that Paddy Barrett, Tyler Gibson, and Kenney Walker all signed for the Eleven for the upcoming season. We knew Kenney was going. Are you surprised by the other departures?

    Also, broaching the topic of could Indy be a future affiliate and would that benefit FCC? NOTE: These are signings and are not loans based on an affiliation agreement. There is no affiliation at this point between Indy Eleven and FC Cincinnati.

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    I can see a loan system developed between Indy and Cincy, perhaps a deeper one than the one-time loan the Crew had with Cincy back in 2017. Indy could use the localized support, and Cincy could use a nearby team to store players for work while developing their own USL feeder team.

    I don’t want FCC to push for Indy to become a Bethlehem Steel or Swope Park, but a partnership would be beneficial for both teams in the short term. Let’s call it an “off-filiate”.

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    Michael Walker

    First, let me say, as the author of this topic I probably could / should have made two separate topics, so apologies for any confusion. These are clearly just signings for Indy and not loans based on any affiliation agreement.

    With a sizeable contingent going to Indy it led to the conversation of should and could Indy become an affiliate, and would that be a good thing for the two clubs.

    Affiliations seem to be out of vogue lately. MLS teams seem to be going MLS2 or nothing at all. However, maybe it’s a good transitional move for FC Cincinnati to affiliate with Indy as a place to get minutes for developing players until they are ready for an MLS2 team, and all of the overhead that comes with that in terms of coaching, facilities, etc.

    Back to the departure topic, I’m disappointed to see Paddy go. He showed a lot of growth and potential and at a similar age to Forrest. I hoped he might get a shot at MLS, but so much depends on what we can get on the transfer market and who FCC has lined up. So I’ll wait until we see what business is done before putting this in context. Tyler will be missed as well, I didn’t see enough of him to really put him truly in front of our other capable midfielders, several of which are not making the jump to MLS.

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