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“American Idol” Mystery Solved: Contestant Reveals Reason for Dropping Out of Top 26

American Idol
American Idol ( Photo: ABC Columbia )

The news of the mystery contestant’s departure was announced during the April 17 episode of the show, which left viewers wondering who had left the competition.

American Idol

American Idol ( Photo: Yahoo )

A contestant on the latest season of “American Idol” has revealed that he dropped out of the competition despite making it to the top 26

The show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, did not name the person but said that an alternate named Paige Anne had been invited to rejoin the competition in their place. On April 18, singer Beckett McDowell confirmed on his Instagram story that he was the contestant who dropped out of the competition. McDowell, the 19-year-old son of actor Malcolm McDowell, wrote that he had decided to drop out but did not explain why.

He thanked the “American Idol” family for the experience and said he would always look back on it with gratitude and fondness.

McDowell also urged his fans to vote for his friends who are still in the competition

Neither McDowell nor “American Idol” has given a reason for his departure from the show. It’s unclear whether his performances will be aired on TV or if he will be mentioned on the show again.

The news of McDowell’s departure came as a surprise to fans of the show, who had been eagerly anticipating the top 24 contestants. With McDowell dropping out, alternate Paige Anne was given the opportunity to rejoin the competition, which could potentially affect the outcome of the show.

“American Idol” has a long history of surprising twists and turns, and this season is no different. With McDowell’s departure, the show lost a talented contestant, but it also opens the door for other singers to step up and shine. Only time will tell who will ultimately be crowned the winner of “American Idol” season 20.

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