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President Biden’s Re-Election Response in 2024: ‘I Already Made That Calculus’

President Biden's Re-Election Response in 2024: 'I Already Made That Calculus'. (Photo: Fox News)

President Biden gave reporters a curt reaction to their questions regarding his chances of winning reelection in 2024, prior to his departure from Ireland, saying that he had “already made that calculus” and would make an announcement “relatively soon”,

Biden said he will announce his 2024 intentions ‘relatively soon’. (Photo: Fox News)

Biden Spoke To Media About When His Plans For 2024 Re-Election

Before boarding Air Force One and flying to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Biden spoke to the media from Ireland West Airport Knock.

One reporter questioned, “Do you know whether the last few days have changed your calculus on when you’ll make an announcement on your plans for 2024.”

No, no, no, no. I’ve already done the math. We’ll make the announcement soon, Biden said. But coming here has just strengthened my confidence in what is possible.

So you’ve decided, the reporter enquired.

I told you my plan is to run again, Biden retorted in a somewhat agitated manner.

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President Biden Is Prepared To Announce His Re-election Campain

The president’s remarks and those made by first lady Jill Biden, who declared in February that her husband is “pretty much” prepared to announce his reelection campaign, are in line with previous statements made by the White House and Biden.

While in Nairobi, the first lady told the AP, “He says he’s not done.” “What matters is that he hasn’t finished what he’s started.”

Similar statements have been made by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who stated to MSNBC in February that Biden “intends to run” for president once more in 2024.

At a campaign launch event in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 19, Kennedy, the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy and the son of the late senator, attorney general, and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, would announce his candidacy for office.

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