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How Much SNAP Recipients Will Receive For Every $2 Spent At Farmers Markets?

SNAP Recipients Will Now Receive $2 Checks For Every $2 Spent At Participating Farmers Markets.(Photo: CNY Central)

SNAP recipients may find that their money at farmers markets is spending a little bit more, according to a statement made by the governor’s office on Wednesday.

People who receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program may see their money go a bit farther at farmers markets.(Photo:

FreshConnect Fresh2You Programs Will Increase SNAP Recipients’ Purchasing Power

The FreshConnect Fresh2You programs expanded dollar-for-dollar match will increase SNAP recipients’ purchasing power at farmers markets. The announcement was made as federal pandemic relief funding that increased SNAP recipients’ incomes was coming to an end.

According to Hochul, “New York has made significant efforts to foster strong, win-win relationships between regional farmers and the communities they feed.” “The new Fresh2You initiative will help ensure that New Yorkers have more money to spend on healthy foods like dairy, meat, produce, and more, while creating greater health outcomes, an economic boost for New York’s farmers, and a stronger food supply chain.”

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How Much SNAP Recipients Receives For Every Spent At Farmers Markets?

SNAP recipients will now receive $2 checks for every $2 spent at participating farmers markets, an increase from the previous $2 checks for every $5 spent. Farmers’ market vendors who sell SNAP-eligible foods may accept the FreshConnect Check and participate in the program.

April 15 will mark the start of the new matching program. Dairy, produce, meat, fish, eggs, and other foods are examples of qualifying foods.

According to Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball, “We are excited to launch this new match program, understanding the significance of what this will mean for New York consumers and farmers alike.” “I thank Governor Hochul for making this possible and for her commitment to New York agriculture and strengthening the local food system. It will increase access to nutritious healthy foods, which will also have a direct benefit to our farmers and producers.

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