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Jeremy Renner Discusses His Recovery From New Year’s Day Snow Plow Accident On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner ( Photo: The New York Times )

Jeremy Renner, the 52-year-old Marvel star, opened up about his near-fatal New Year’s Day snow plow accident on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner ( Photo: People )

The accident left Jeremy Renner with over 35 broken bones, but he managed to escape with critical parts of his anatomy intact

Jeremy Renner said he “got lucky in a lot of ways” and was happy to be on the show, even though he had to use a cane.

The Hawkeye actor described the snow plow as a “giant metal cookie roller” that missed every vertebra, organ, and membrane in his body, except for his eye, which popped out during the accident. Renner, who was born in Modesto, California, credited his survival to luck and thanked his loved ones for their support during his recovery.

Jeremy Renner has been open about his recovery, which could take years, after suffering more than 30 broken bones. He was trying to protect his nephew Alex from harm when the accident occurred, and he said his initial thoughts were about his nephew’s trauma from witnessing the harrowing ordeal.

The actor continued to take into account the feelings of his loved ones amid his critical health ordeal, saying it’s harrowing to consider somebody else’s perspective

Kimmel shared an image of Jeremy Renner in critical condition at the hospital, and the actor believed it was his mother who took the photo.

Jeremy Renner’s fans expressed their love and support for him on social media, with many hoping for a speedy recovery. The actor is known for his roles in “The Hurt Locker,” “Arrival,” and “The Avengers” franchise. His latest project, “Hawkeye,” aired on Disney+ in 2021, and fans are eagerly awaiting its second season.

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