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2nd Payment: Chelsea, Massachusetts to Distribute Food and Utility Subsidies to Eligible Residents

Food and Utility subsidy
Food and Utility subsidy in Chelsea, City. (Photo: MarketWatch)

Chelsea, Massachusetts, will distribute food and utility subsidies ranging from $200 to $400 to 738 selected households on April 15, according to the program’s website.

Food and Utility subsidy

Food and Utility subsidy in Chelsea, City. (Photo: MarketWatch)

Second Payment in Chelsea, Massachusetts

This is the second of three payments recipients will receive to subsidize food and utility bill payments for eligible residents. To qualify, families must have been Chelsea residents with a household income 30% less than the area median.

Households of one would have to make below $29,450, and households of two would have to make below $33,650 to be part of the program. The final payment is expected to be issued on May 15, according to a published article in Washington Examiner.

Recipients of the program were chosen through a lottery system, and the amount each household will receive depends on the number of people in the household. The funds will be loaded onto recipients’ debit cards, which were already issued to recipients in early March.

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When Will the Next Payment Be?

Eligible families with children under 18, disabled residents, veterans, seniors over 65, families who are ineligible for other forms of federal assistance, families with a female-identifying head of household, and families with a member with a marginalized gender identity received preferences.

The food and utility subsidy program aims to support residents facing financial difficulties in the area. The next payment on April 15 is expected to provide relief to eligible families. Chelsea City spokesperson confirmed the eligibility and payment criteria. The payments will help alleviate the burden of food and utility bills for eligible residents in the city.

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