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Authorities State that Shooting Deaths of Florida Teens Possibly Linked to A “Wannabe Gang”

Authorities State that Shooting deaths of Florida Teens Possibly Linked to A "Wannabe Gang"

The shooting deaths of two teenage girls and one boy are possibly linked to a “wannabe gang”, a Florida sheriff declared this Tuesday.

Gang-related death. (Photo: LensCulture)

Teenage Shooting Deaths, gang-related?

The shooting deaths following two 16-year-old girls and one 17-year-old boy are said to be related to a “hybrid” or “wannabe gang“, which happened last Thursday night. One of the girls is identified as Layla Silvernail, who was found on the side of the Ocklawaha road having a gunshot wound. She was rushed to a hospital but later died due to her injuries.

Silevernail’s vehicle was found sunk halfway nearby, inside it was the second girl. She also had a gunshot wound. The next morning, the officers found the boy’s body located a few miles from where the officers found Silvernail’s body. He, too, suffered a critical gunshot wound that took his life. The shooting deaths were said to be an isolated case since the three were said to be friends.

Sheriff Woods, the Marion County Sheriff assigned to the case, dismissed the rumors of a serial killer involved in the shooting deaths and that there was a fourth victim. Woods assured the public that the shooting deaths are being worked on around the clock by his Major Crimes detectives.

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Leads Regarding the Crime

Sheriff Woods stated that the shooting deaths are now being investigated and that they will not rest until those responsible are brought to justice. Woods also sends his sympathies to the families of the victims. As mentioned earlier, Woods gave his word that there was no serial killer involved in the shooting deaths, saying that “this is far from the truth.”

Woods also added that his investigators have already identified several POIs (persons of interest) regarding the shooting deaths.

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