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Arnett and Amy Poehler Divorce: What Really Happened?

Arnett and Amy Poehler Divorce: What Really Happened?(Photo: Shuttershock)

HOLLYWOOD is full of celebrities who get together and break up, and Arnett and Amy are no exception.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are both actors famous for their comedy and were once married. (Photo: Getty Images)

Arnett And Amy Poehler Divorced For What Reason?

Arnett and Amy are both well-known comedians who were previously married.

The former couple met in 1996 and started dating soon after.

Poehler, 50, and Arnett, 51, divorced two years after their second child, Abel, was born.

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The Guardian published an interview with Arnett six years after his divorce on February 8, 2022.

Arnett was working on season four of the popular television program Arrested Development during their divorce.

As he was going to the set one day, he pulled over to the side of the road and sobbed for an hour, describing the season’s filming as “nearly agonizing… Just horrible, brutal, brutal.”

He also admitted to The Guardian that working on Arrested Development and later the Netflix series BoJack Horseman helped him deal with the grief of his divorce.

He also spoke on his narcissistic character on BoJack saying the show was: “an amalgamation of characteristics that I didn’t like about other people and other stuff about me that I didn’t like.

“Yeah, what a weird thing to do. But it was kind of the only thing I knew how to do. It was a painful couple of years, but I had to go through it, I guess.”

After five years of marriage, Arnett and Amy welcomed their first child, Archie, 13, in 2008, and Abel, 11, in 2010.

“I love my boys so much that I fear my heart will explode; I wonder if this love will crack open my chest and split me in half; it is frightening, this love,” Poehler wrote in a 2014 Globe and Mail essay.

Despite the fact that Abel and Archie are the children of well-known celebrities, the Arnett children are frequently kept out of the spotlight.

Six years after their divorce, Arnett and Amy are still co-parenting Archie and Abel.

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