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Why Biden Did Not Strike Yet Despite Trump’s Indictment?

Biden’s team purposely keep a low profile despite Trumps indictment(Photo: Getty Images)

If you’re anticipating a strong response from the White House and President Joe Biden following the indictment of Donald Trump, you might have to wait a while.

Biden Did Not Strike Yet Despite Trump’s Indictment(Photo: The Hill)

Biden’s Team Keeping Low Profile After Trump’s Indictment

There is no doubt that the news of Trump’s indictment undoubtedly caused some strong reactions in the West Wing.

Senior members of Biden’s team, however, will purposely keep a low profile.

First off, it’s standard practice for most administrations to avoid commenting on the specifics of ongoing criminal cases.

Second, despite the fact that Biden has made it clear he believes Trump is unqualified to serve as president, he continues to be a strong supporter of the rule of law and has great confidence in the independence of the judiciary.

Finally, adding more fuel to Trump’s MAGA fire is the last thing Biden’s team wants to do as they get ready for a possible re-election campaign in 2024.

The president will undoubtedly address the indictment at some point given his propensity to take questions from reporters when they are yelled at him. Even so, anticipate him and everyone in his White House to keep their remarks brief and to the point for as long as they can.

Although the indictment is a historic event, there is still a lot of news happening across the nation that requires our attention. This includes several states that are considering tighter restrictions on women’s access to abortion. Idaho is a state I’m particularly interested in.

With the backing of the state legislature and governor Brad Little, Republican lawmakers there hope to limit cross-state travel for abortions.

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