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Low-income Households In California Receive Monthly Payments Through New Program

Monthly Direct Payments ( Photo: Investopedia )

The city of Sacramento, California has launched a new program in partnership with United Way California Capital Region to provide cash payments to low-income households.


Monthly Direct Payments ( Photo: Reader’s Digest )

The first phase of the program provided monthly payments of $300 to 100 households for a year, which is set to end in May.

The second phase is now open for applications, and 80 families will receive $500 monthly payments for a year starting from July 1. The program was recommended by Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who allocated $750,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funds to support it. Eligible residents can apply online until April 15, and participants will be chosen via a lottery system.

Applicants must live in Sacramento and meet specific income caps based on household size to qualify for the program.

This initiative is part of a wider effort in California to provide assistance to cash-strapped residents. In Palm Springs, Queer Works, and DAP Health have partnered to provide 30 individuals with $800 monthly payments for a year and a half, funded by the city council’s allocation of $500,000. In El Monte, 125 low-income, single mothers can claim $500 monthly payments for a year, also funded by American Rescue Act funding. Applications for this program also close on April 15.

There are several other guaranteed income programs available in California.

However, the Sacramento program is unique in that it focuses on cash payments to low-income households, which is designed to help alleviate financial stress and improve the quality of life for participants. This program and others like it have the potential to reduce poverty and inequality, as well as provide much-needed support to those who need it most.

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