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Eligible Americans To Receive $350 Payments Under New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program

$350 payment
$350 payment under New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program. (Photo: REUTERS)

Residents of New Lenox, Illinois, are set to receive relief checks or property tax refunds worth an average of $350 from a $2.1 million pot in just a few days.

$350 payment

$350 payment under New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program. (Photo: REUTERS)

New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program Eligibility

The rebates are part of the New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program, which has been running for 13 years. This year, residents will receive a refund for 100 percent of their 2021 property taxes. To be eligible for the payment, residents had to apply for the rebate by December 15, 2022.

In order to qualify for the relief check, residents must have been living in New Lenox in 2021 and still reside in the town. They must also own property in either a single-family home, townhome, apartment unit, or condominium unit. Owners of a multi-unit building must reside in one of the units to qualify for the refund.

Additionally, residents must have a copy of their 2021 Levy Property Tax Bill and their identification card attached to the application, according to an article published in OUTSIDER.

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Amount to Receive Under New Lenox Property Tax Refund Program

The exact payment amount may differ, the finance director and treasurer for the village, Kimberly Auchstetter, stated that payments are worth an average of $350. Checks are set to be sent out on March 6 to those who qualified for the payment and completed the application on time.

In 2022, the village handed out $1,574,274 in rebates. Mayor Tim Baldermann noted that the village has been running the program for so long that they do not make a lot of fanfare out of it.

The relief checks in New Lenox come as millions of Americans are eligible for inflation relief checks and stimulus payments. Several states, including Massachusetts, are offering inflation relief checks for residents.

Meanwhile, in October 2022, a number of states were lined up to offer stimulus checks to their residents, with amounts ranging from $3,200 in Alaska to $50 in Illinois.

While the check in New Lenox comes from a property tax refund program, rather than a stimulus program, it provides a welcome relief to those who qualify.

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