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Up to $400 Direct Payments Under Chelsea Eats Program Will Be Released on April 15

Chelsea Eats Program
Up to $1,400 Chelsea Eats Program. (Photo: CNET)

Residents in Chelsea, Massachusetts, are set to receive their second payment of up to $400 from the Chelsea Eats program in two weeks’ time.

Chelsea Eats Program

Up to $1,400 Chelsea Eats Program. (Photo: CNET)

Chelsea Eats Program

A total of 738 households in Massachusetts are receiving payments from the Chelsea Eats program, which will help them buy food and pay their utility bills. The city issued debit cards to recipients in March, which will be used to distribute the second payment on April 15.

The payment amount will depend on the size of the recipient’s household. A household of one will receive a payment of $200, a household of two will get $300, and any household with three or more people will receive $400, according to an article published in The Washington Examiner.

The Chelsea Eats program will issue payments to recipients on the 15th of each month for three months, with the last payment scheduled for May.

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How To Be Selected for Chelsea Eats Program?

To be selected for the program, applicants must be residents of Chelsea with a household income of 30% less than the area median. For a household of one, that means an income of $29,450, while for a household of two, the limit is $33,650. The income limit increases slightly for each additional person in a household

According to a spokesperson, there are currently no plans to continue the program beyond the third payment in May. More information about this program can be found on Chelsea’s webpage for COVID-19 emergency assistance programs, Local Today reports.

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