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5 New York Kids Were Rescued From A Storm Drain After Calling 911

After calling 911, the boys in Staten Island, New York City, were rescued from a storm drain.

At the Staten Island Zoo in New York City, a group of daring 11- and 12-year-old boys got themselves into a smelly situation when they wandered into a storm drain tunnel for fun and got caught in the sewer drains.

The group eventually became trapped in the pipes after climbing over a quarter-mile, past numerous manhole covers, underneath a road, and through the Staten Island Zoo’s parking lot.

The New York Fire Department (FDNY) reports that around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, a 911 call was made. from one of the boy’s cellphones after the young teens became disoriented.

The 911 call, which the FDNY released, begins with the dispatcher asking, “What’s the address in Staten Island?”

The boy responded, “We don’t know. We’re trapped in the sewer.”

You’re stuck where? the dispatcher repeated, seemingly in shock.

The boy answers, “In the sewer.

The boys went on to say that they had “walked a lot,” and that before crawling in, they had walked through a cemetery.

“It’s like a tunnel where all the pipes are.” one of the boys explained.

The 5 boys entered the storm drain near Cloves Lake Park in Staten Island, New York City, the dispatchers learned. (Photo: FOX 5)

According to officials, the boys descended into the storm drain and crawled there for almost 15 minutes.

The boy had entered the area on the side of Clove Lakes Park, a nearby park, according to a dispatcher who was familiar with the area.

The children were instructed to yell for assistance so that responders could find them more easily.

The boys yelled, “Help! Help! Help us!”

First responders discovered the kids’ backpacks and jackets when they arrived, according to West Brighton firefighter John Loennecker, confirming their point of entry.

The first responders started following the drain and opening up manholes after finding the boys’ belongings.

According to Loennecker, “The last drain I opened on Clove [Road] is when I could hear them clearly.”

Responders entered the small opening the boys had used using gas masks and oxygen tanks. According to officials, the entrance was initially about 40 inches wide before becoming about 30 inches wide, which is where the kids were discovered and saved.

On the 911 call, a voice on a radio could be heard saying, “We might have hands on the kids right now.” “We’ve got all five kids out of the sewer, and EMS is checking them out right now.”

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