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Things You Can Sell to Earn: A Financial Tip

Things You Can Sell to Earn

Things you can sell to earn in your home could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. (Photo: MSN)

Given the high cost of living, who couldn’t use some extra cash these days? When you look around your house or go through your closets, you will undoubtedly come across things you can sell to earn. Why not think about profiting from them?

Things you can sell to earn in your home could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. People tend to undervalue their possessions, but buyers are often willing to pay top dollar for rare or limited items, according to Jacquie Denny, founder of Everything But The House (EBTH), an online estate sale service.

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Clothing with a Famous Brand

If you’ve transitioned to working from home like so many other Americans, those fancy dresses or business suits probably got shoved to the back of the closet — which brings us to the question, “Do you really need all that stuff?”

Designer Handbags and Shoes

If you paid money for designer shoes or a handbag you no longer use, you could try selling them online. Lauren Greutman, a frugality expert, said she had sold shoes on Poshmark for up to 50% off the retail price.


If you inherited a necklace that isn’t your style or has a ring from an ex that you don’t want to look at, consider these things you can sell to earn cash. Denny stated that fine jewelry could be quite valuable.


According to Michele Perry, a consumer tech expert at electronics resale site Gazelle, many households have $400 to $800 in cash in the form of unused laptop computers. Fortunately, websites like Gazelle,, and Decluttr make it simple to sell unwanted laptops for cash.


Used cellphones are another technology that can be sold for cash, even if damaged.

Gift Certificates

According to a survey, 47% of Americans have at least one unused gift card. They total $21 billion in total. If you don’t intend to use your gift cards, you can sell them on sites like CardCash and Raise to earn extra cash.


If you have books (including textbooks) that you intend to read again or that you have yet to open in the first place, you can sell them online for cash. To begin, Denny suggests checking to see if you have any first-edition books or books autographed by authors, consider these things you can sell to earn extra money on the side.

Your Parking Location

Have an extra garage or parking space that you’re not using? Spacer allows you to rent it out.

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