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Several States Are Increasing Monthly Allotments – See If You Qualify

CLARK, NEW JERSEY - JANUARY 08: Clark resident Jen Valencia (hand detail) still works part time for Instacart, shopping for two customers at a ShopRite on January 08, 2022 in Clark, New Jersey. Instacart expects growth in grocery delivery to increase and not revert back to pre-pandemic methods, particularly with new variants of Covid still emerging. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Following the February 2023 issuance, the COVID-19 pandemic-related temporary increase in emergency allotments to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits came to an end nationwide. In response, all SNAP households’ benefits resumed to normal levels without the additional supplement as of March 2023.

New Jersey

According to a statement, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill in February guaranteeing that every SNAP household in New Jersey will start receiving at least $95 in benefits each month on March 1.

new jersey governor phil murphy budget address february 28 2023(Photo: shutterstock)

In the statement, Gov. Murphy said, “We cannot ignore the significant impact this will have on households and communities throughout our state as the federal government’s temporary boost to SNAP benefits comes to an end.” “No one should ever be left in suspense about their next meal. New Jersey is setting an example for the nation by establishing a minimum monthly SNAP benefit of $95 for all beneficiaries, ensuring that families have the support they need to continue putting food on the table. Although we might be the first state to do this, I hope we won’t be the last to implement these crucial protections.

West Virginia

The Hill reports that a number of SNAP-related bills have been introduced by state legislators, one of which would require the state to increase monthly SNAP benefits so that they are “at least equal to the federal emergency allotments” for expectant mothers and families with children.


by January 2025, California State Senator Caroline Menjivar, a.k.a. CalFresh.


According to a statement, the state’s Supplemental Budget, which was unveiled by Governor Maura Healey in January, includes $130 million to establish a “offramp” from the federal extra benefits and “to bridge the abrupt end of this program for more than 630,000 Massachusetts families.” The state suggests giving recipients an additional SNAP allotment for three months that is 40% of their prior federal benefit.

In the statement, acting health and human services secretary Mary A. Beckman said that the additional COVID SNAP benefits “have provided critical support for individuals and families to purchase food, and have also indirectly supported our local grocery stores and farmers.” “The Healey-Driscoll Administration will continue to be a leader in food security through systemic initiatives like this,” said Healey-Driscoll. “The administration is aiming to be a leader among states in providing households with an offramp to the abrupt end of these extra benefits.”

Families would receive a portion of what they have been receiving for the past three months thanks to the funding. According to the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, a family of three losing $151 per month would receive an additional $60 per month for three months in addition to their regular SNAP benefits.

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