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$500 Monthly Payment for Eligible Residents in California

Monthly payment
$500 monthly payment for eligible residents in California. (Photo: CNET)

United Way California Capital Region, a nonprofit organization in Sacramento, California, has launched a guaranteed income pilot program in partnership with the city.

Monthly payment

$500 monthly payment for eligible residents in California. (Photo: CNET)

Monthly Payments

Thanks to Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s recommendation to use $750,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to support the program, qualifying families can receive $500 per month for a year.

Initially, the program provided 100 Sacramento households with $300 in monthly support, and with the first phase set to end in May 2023, a new batch of 80 families can now apply until the middle of next month, according to a published article in The U.S. Sun.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must live in Sacramento and meet income and family size requirements. For instance, a single adult must earn less than $28,205, while a household of eight must earn less than $133,980. Those who meet the requirements can check their eligibility by entering their address through the city’s online tool for representatives. If a City Council member appears, that means they meet the location requirement.

The deadline for eligible residents to apply is April 15 at 2:59 am, and the first batch of payments to the new group is scheduled to go out on July 1.

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Guaranteed Income Pilot

The guaranteed income pilot program aims to help needy and qualifying families overcome financial difficulties and improve their well-being. According to United Way, a program is an effective tool for reducing poverty, improving health outcomes, and increasing economic mobility.

It is also expected to provide valuable data for policymakers, community leaders, and researchers to inform future decision-making. The program has received widespread support from community leaders, advocates, and policymakers who believe it is a crucial step toward addressing poverty and economic inequality.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many families’ livelihoods, the guaranteed income pilot program provides a much-needed lifeline for Sacramento families in need.

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