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Social Security March 2023: Who Will Receive Twice For Checks?

Social Security March 2023: Who Will Receive Twice For Checks?(Photo: J Gouin / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Some Social Security Administration beneficiaries will receive two checks in March; find out why here.

Checks are wonderful, whether they come from Social Security or another government agency. As a result, regardless of their origin, they make people happier. Getting one per month can brighten your day, but how about getting two? However, collecting two checks per month is unusual. In this case, it is a coincidence rather than a stroke of luck.

According to the Social Security Administration Fact Sheet, nearly 67,000,000 American citizens will receive Social Security checks each month this year. These benefits total more than a trillion dollars over the course of 2023. Because there are so many recipients, the Social Security Administration pays them on different dates. As a result, the payment of their check will be determined by the date they were born. It also varies depending on whether it is one type of benefit or another, as well as when you claimed it.

Who will receive two Social Security checks in March?

A Social Security beneficiary may occasionally receive two checks per month. This unusual double payment will also take place in March 2023 for those who have never heard of them. It is not unusual because it will also occur in other months this year. For example, there will be two checks in June, September, and December.

Obviously, beneficiaries who receive two different types of Social Security benefits each month will be able to receive two checks in March. For example, if your Social Security benefit is very low, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income as well. receiving two checks per month. However, this is not the only case. Because payday is on a Saturday, April 1, Social Security pays it on the Friday before, March 31. As a result, if you receive Social Security and SSI, you may receive three checks in March.

When are Social Security payments made in March?

Social Security will send two checks to Supplemental Security Income recipients. The first was on March 1, and the second will be available on March 31. Payments will also be made on March 3rd to those who received Social Security benefits prior to May 1997. Or for those who receive SSI and Social Security benefits. On March 3, they will receive their Social Security payment.

The remaining Social Security recipients will receive their checks on Wednesday. For those born between the first and tenth days of March, the date will be March 8. Payday is on the third Wednesday of March, or March 15, for those born between the 11th and the 20th. Finally, the fourth Wednesday of March, March 22, will be the payment date for those born between March 21st and March 31st.

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