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US Swim Champ Autopsy Unrevealed as Spring Break Begins

US Swim Champ Autopsy

Officials in the United States Virgin Islands have refused to release the US swim champ autopsy results (Photo: ABC7 Chicago)

Officials in the United States Virgin Islands have refused to release the US swim champ autopsy results of Jamie Cail, 42, who was discovered dead three weeks ago on St. John.

A spokeswoman for the Virgin Islands Department of Justice confirmed last week that the US swim champ autopsy had been completed but declined to comment, citing an “investigation underway.” On Monday, she told Fox News Digital that she still couldn’t comment on Cail’s cause and manner of death or whether authorities discovered evidence of foul play.

The lack of updates coincides with the start of the spring break vacation season, causing concern among island residents.

Discussions have erupted in island Facebook groups about the oversight of the island’s police force, which has previously been accused of failing to investigate cases properly.

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The island’s tourism commissioner responded to only one request for comment. However, the US territory, which advertises that no passports are required for American visitors, has proven to be a dangerous place for them.

Cail’s boyfriend told police that he found her unconscious and drove her to a clinic, where staff could not revive her.

According to Fox News Digital, Cail’s boyfriend has been identified as Kamal “Six Pack” Thomas, a 34-year-old convicted killer.

Thomas was sentenced to prison in Florida for his role in a deadly gang assault on a Pennsylvania man outside a bar on the island of St. John in 2007.

Thomas was a group member that chased down Jamie Cockayne, 21, after a bar fight and beat and stabbed him to death in the street.

Cockayne’s family worked for years to secure a conviction, and Thomas pursued at least two successful appeals, having the top charge of first-degree murder dismissed along the way.

The family hired private investigators and conducted their investigation.

Thomas is also linked to another American death. According to the St. Thomas Source, a local news site, one of Thomas’ accomplices in Cockayne’s death was shot in a drive-by shooting in 2006. Mekel Blash was in the car, and according to court records, he was later convicted of stabbing to death Jimmy Malfetti, a New Jersey man killed during a home invasion robbery while staying at a guest house on a luxury St. John property.

While police have not publicly identified Cail’s boyfriend, they say he told investigators he discovered her on the floor after returning home from a bar around midnight to check on her.

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