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UBI: $1,000 Monthly Payments for Eligible Residents in Oregon is Introduced in the Senate

Universal Basic Income in Oregon
Universal Basic Income in Oregon. (Photo: CNET)

The state of Oregon is considering a universal basic income (UBI) program under Senate 603, which proposes monthly payments of $1,000 for two years to those who qualify.

Universal Basic Income in Oregon

Universal Basic Income in Oregon. (Photo: CNET)

UBI Monthly Payments in Oregon

Payments will be given to people experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, severely rent burdened, or earning at or below 60% of the area median income.

While there are no restrictions on how the money is used, supporters of the bill expect that most will be used for rent, emergency expenses, food, childcare, or other services, according to a published article in The U.S. Sun.

The proposed program is estimated to cost $25 million, which will be taken from the state’s general fund, and will be managed by the Department of Human Services.

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What’s the Purpose of the UBI Program in Oregon?

Portland State University will also be involved in the program, studying its impact on each participant’s status and how the money is spent.  Dozens of guaranteed income programs have been proposed and implemented nationwide, including in California, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Colorado.

In a published article in OPB, UBI is a set of recurring payments given by the government, with no strings attached and no conditions for payback. It gained popularity during Andrew Yang’s presidential candidacy and was implemented during the American Rescue Plan by both former President Trump and President Biden.

As the country recovers from the pandemic, many local and state officials are looking at ways UBI can still be utilized. The UBI program in Oregon, if approved, would be the first of its kind in the state. Although there are concerns about the cost of such programs, supporters argue that they would help alleviate poverty, reduce homelessness, and provide a basic standard of living for all. The Department of Human Services has yet to comment on the proposed program.

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