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Gov. Tony Evers Proposes New Tax Cuts 2023 in Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers
Gov. Tony Evers proposes new tax cuts 2023. (Photo: CNN)

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is pushing for a new paid family leave program and tax cuts and calls for bipartisanship on Wednesday.

New tax cuts 2023

Gov. Tony Evers proposes new tax cuts 2023. (Photo: CNN)

Tax Cuts in Wisconsin

Many states today are calling for tax cuts amidst the soaring inflation rate and increasing prices. This is to keep the balance between earnings and inflation. In Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers is calling for tax cuts for the middle class and bipartisanship instead of partisanship.

In a published article in Wisconsin Watch, Gov. Evers said, “Let’s not allow our work together to be hindered by partisanship,” Evers said in his speech to the GOP-controlled Legislature. Let’s dispose of the notion that the priorities in this budget are somehow extreme or far-fetched. I promise you this: In this budget, there’s more that unites us than divides us.”

Evers said this when he unveiled his plans in his proposed nearly $104 billion state budget on Wednesday. This includes a new paid family leave program for most public and private-sector workers, tax cuts for the middle class, a plan to keep the Milwaukee Brewers in their stadium until at least 2043, and higher spending for public schools.

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Agreements and Disagreements Over State Tax Cuts 2023

Even though there are some disagreements about the tax cuts, both the Republican and Democratic state lawmakers want to tap the state’s projected budget surplus or around $7 billion to cut taxes. However, both sides also have disagreements about how much should be spent and how to spend it.

According to a published article in US News, Republicans are more favorable to implementing a flat income tax but Gov. Evers disagrees with this idea. He wants the tax cuts to target the middle class.

Furthermore, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said the proposal would cause property taxes to rise and was “absolutely devoid of reality.”

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