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Virginia Senate: Allowing Murder Charges for Drug Dealers Disapproved

Allowing Murder Charges for Drug Dealers Disapproved (Photo: WSET)

Allowing Murder Charges for Drug Dealers Disapproved (Photo: WJLA)

Virginia Senate Democrats defeated legislation that would have allowed prosecutors to charge drug dealers with second-degree murder if a user died from an overdose for the second time this session on Monday.

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin made the bill a top priority.

Youngkin spokeswoman Macaulay Porter told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the governor is disappointed that Senate Democrats are blocking votes on these common-sense bills deemed necessary. He believes that the bill should be given full Senate consideration.

Allowing Murder Charges for Drug Dealers Disapproved (Photo: WTOP)

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The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday after killing an identical bill last month. As a result of the change, there is no way for the legislation to reach the governor’s desk.

According to the newspaper, Democratic Sen. Joe Morrissey said the committee heard concerns that the legislation would discourage drug dealers from calling 9-1-1 if they were with someone who is experiencing an overdose due to the fact that they might be accused of murder

Del is the sponsor. According to Terry Kilgore, the measure was necessary in response to rising overdoses, particularly those involving fentanyl. In addition, some view the bill as crucial since they hope to have it as a deterrent to the every-rising cases of drug dealers having an overdose.

Porter believes Democrats should prioritize Virginians, particularly families who have suffered tragedy due to deadly fentanyl, and stand with families rather than drug dealers.

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