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Disability Benefits 2023: Biden Administration Proposes Changes to Supplemental Security Income

Disability benefits 2023
Biden administration proposes disability benefits 2023. (Photo: Yahoo)

Biden administration proposes new disability benefits 2023 to make the life of more than seven million disabled Americans easier.

Disability benefits 2023

Biden administration proposes disability benefits 2023. (Photo: Yahoo)

Proposed Disability Benefits 2023

The Social Security Administration under the Biden administration will propose disability benefits 2023. The changes and new provisions will be published today in the Federal Register. This aims to ensure that disabled Americans will receive their monthly benefits.

In a published article in Yahoo News, the proposed disability benefits 2023 will no longer cut the monthly benefits or Supplemental Security Income of people with disabilities who received regular help through meals or groceries from their friends and families. It is estimated that there will be around more than seven million if this proposal will be approved.

Meanwhile, the beneficiaries give the federal government the authority to monitor their bank account. They also need to report to the Social Security Administration if the amount they receive either goes up or down. Likewise, the website of SSA also asks the beneficiaries if they buy their own food or if somebody helps them, Business News reports.

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Provisions Inside the Disability Benefits 2023

The maximum monthly SSI monthly amount persons with disabilities received is $914 but it would drop to $304 once found that they were receiving food, groceries, and shelter assistance from their friends and family. On the other hand, the SSA found that roughly 10% of beneficiaries received food and shelter reduction this 2022 due to the inflation rate.

Under the proposed disability benefits 2023, rent could still be a cause of benefit reduction but food and groceries will not, according to an article published in HEAD TOPICS. The SSA said, “We expect that these changes will simplify our rules, making them less cumbersome to administer and easier for the public to understand and follow.”

The proposed disability benefits 2023 are part of the main priorities of Pres. Joe Biden and his administration. However,  this will not immediately take effect because SSA still needs to wait for the public to comment and then respond to the feedback.

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