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$180 Inflation Relief Stimulus Checks: Are you Eligible or Not?

$180 Inflation Relief Stimulus Checks. (Photo: Tom's Guide)

$180 Inflation Relief Stimulus Checks. (Photo: CBS News)

Due to high inflation rates in the United States, several states have decided to provide assistance, relief payments, or stimulus checks to some residents. Although some states have already distributed funds, others are still in the proposal stage.

Who Will Be Eligible for $180 Inflation Relief Checks in Michigan?

According to the Governor’s proposal, the check may be claimed by any state citizen who has filed their tax return for the previous fiscal year.


$180 Inflation Relief Stimulus Checks. (Photo: The Public Monitor)

Because the plan is still in the proposal stage, this is the only information available for now. Couples filing jointly, on the other hand, are expected to receive only one check. There needs to be clear information on how dependents will be related to funds.

When are the payments expected to arrive?

There is no exact date for sending payments because the legislation has yet to be officially announced; however, experts in the field anticipate that the first checks will be sent in the spring. The Governor will release more information in the coming week. Residents are advised to be on the lookout for updates on these inflation relief stimulus checks.

Tax filing deadline

Since filing a tax declaration is likely required to claim the credit, it is recommended that you complete that process as soon as possible. Tax season began on January 23 and ended on April 18, so you still have a couple of months to complete the paperwork.

Although the $180 Inflation Relief Stimulus Checks are still pending status for approval, it is highly expected to push through so that Michigan residents can take advantage of them. 


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