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Updates on Additional $200 Monthly Payments for Social Security Income

$200 monthly payment
$200 monthly payment included in the Social Security Expansion Act. (Photo: CNN)

Seniors and advocates across the country are asking if there will be a potential change in the Social Security Income or an additional $200 every month.

$200 monthly payment

$200 monthly payment included in the Social Security Expansion Act. (Photo: CNN)

Additional $200 Monthly Payments

The Social Security Income (SSI) of seniors and those who could no longer work because of their disabilities has increased this year due to the cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA). The SSI has increased to 8.7% or about $140 every month for the average recipient.

In a published article in VERIFY, the report clarified that the SSI recipients will not receive an additional $200 every month. The proposed Social Security Expansion Act that included a $200 monthly payment and increase for existing and new recipients did not pass the legislative process.

Additionally, it is a monthly payment that is separate from COLA. If the bill passed the legislative process, this means that the recipients would have received an extra $2,400 every year annually. Likewise, this increase is supposed to help people who receive retirement, disability, and survivor benefits, but not those who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

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What Happened to the Social Security Expansion Act?

The Social Security Expansion Act was passed into various committees in the House and Senate as part of the legislative process. According to a published article in KING5, it did not pass or even make it to a vote before the 117th Congress.

This means that it needs to be reintroduced again this 2023 if they want the additional $200 monthly payment to be added to the Social Security Income. Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders who introduced this bill has not yet made announcements or updates about the bill on his website.

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