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Top Officials in Ohio Ask the General Assembly to Expand Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit
Ohio's top officials are asking to consider the expansion of Child Tax Credit. (Photo: NBC)

Ohio’s top officials are asking the General Assembly to expand the state’s Child Tax Credit and emphasized that families and children are the greatest assets.

Child Tax Credit

Ohio’s top officials are asking to consider the expansion of Child Tax Credit. (Photo: NBC)

Gov. Dewine’s Goal for Children in the State

The Child Tax Credit is another source of money that American families can use to buy the needs of their children. In Ohio, Gov. Mark Dewine is asking the General Assembly to consider the expansion of Child Tax Credit when he held the State of the State Address.

Gov. Dewine said, “It’s a budget that focuses on our people. On our families. And our children. For they are truly Ohio’s greatest assets,” He spent significant most of his time discussing different issues and goals that centered around the children in the state, according to an article published in WTAP.

He wanted to improve healthcare for children, foster care, mental health, and child safety. Additionally, he also talked about improving literacy and reading for children and mentioned the effort of his wife, Fran, in Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Dewine said, “Fran told me this morning that 51 percent of Ohio children from birth to five are now enrolled in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. When we took office when she became First Lady, that number was under 10 percent.”

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Expansion of Child Tax Credit

In a published article in WTOV9 FOX, Ohio Gov. Dewine also mentioned that the additional funding will allot families extra tax relief on how many children they have. Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Governor Jon Husted sees this as an asset for the families in Ohio.

Husted said, “Working families struggle. I think one of the hardest times in life for families is when you’re a young couple or a single parent and you’re struggling to hold down a job and take care of your children and we want to provide tax relief for those families. So, a $2,500 deduction for those families for every child that they have will help them spend their money a little bit easier on the things that they need.”

Furthermore, the request to consider expanding the Child Tax Credit will need approval from the legislature before it will go into effect.

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