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Increased SNAP Benefits Will Be Extended in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott Says!

Gov. Greg Abbott
Gov. Greg Abbott announced the extension of emergency SNAP benefits. (Photo: Texas Insider)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced recently that the emergency or increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will be extended.

Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the extension of emergency SNAP benefits. (Photo: Texas Insider)

SNAP Benefits Will Be Extended in Texas

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit has helped millions of Americans across the country to buy nutritious food every day. The amount that qualified families received has received during the wake of the pandemic through the legislation passed and signed into law.

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the increased SNAP benefits will be extended this month. An amount of more than $345 million in emergency funds will be provided through the month of February, according to a report published in KCENTV.

Moreover, the Texas Health and Human Services will provide emergency SNAP benefits. It is expected that around 1.6 million households in Texas will be assisted with the minimum $95 allotment from the emergency funds.

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Gov. Greg Abbott Released a Statement

Gov. Greg Abbott said, “The State of Texas has been able to help millions of families across our great state access the food they need to stay healthy. We’re proud to have provided billions of dollars in supplemental benefits so Texans could have healthy and nutritious food options to take care of their families and loved ones,” according to a published article on the official website of the Office of the Texas Governor.

However, this is the last month that emergency SNAP benefits recipients in Texas would receive the boosted program. There is still no indication if the state lawmakers plan to continue the program just like what other states were doing.

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