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Americans Start Receiving “Surprise Tax Bills”, Here’s What to Do

Surprise Tax Bills
Americans starts receiving Suprise Tax Bills. (Photo: Experian)

Millions of Americans start receiving surprise tax bills after they received their state’s tax returns which range between $600 and $1,050.

Surprise Tax Bills

Americans start receiving Suprise Tax Bills. (Photo: Experian)

Surprise Tax Bills

Most Americans have been asking if the tax returns they received beginning last year are taxable or not. The Internal Revenue Service released a statement that they will release further guidance this week to answer all the queries of the residents in the country.

In a published article in The U.S. Sun, Americans who received a rebate in 2022 will start receiving surprise tax bills most especially those who received the Middle Class Tax Refund in California. This means that they need to pay taxes.

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What to Do if You Received “Surprise Tax Bills”

The Internal Revenue Service already announced that they would start receiving and accepting taxes on January 23, CBS News reports. However, at that time there was no definite and clear answer if the tax rebates and returns Americans started to receive in 2022 are whether taxable or not.

The Surprise Tax Bills are not only limited to the residents in California but also in at least 11 states including Illinois and Georgia. It is important that you need to keep a record and report if you received $600 or more.

However, if you are not sure if the rebates that you received on whether are taxable or not, you just have to visit your state’s website or consult a tax professional.

In California, the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) said, “Individuals who received an MCTR payment of $600 or more but did not receive a 1099-MISC should contact 1-800-852-5711 to request a 1099-MISC. When prompted, individuals should press 1 for personal income tax assistance.”

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