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Earn Extra Income by Watching Netflix in the Comforts of Your Home

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Earning Money by Watching Netflix

Whether it is an actual Netflix job or a part-time side hustle, there are several clever ways to get paid by watching shows and movies you would have binge-watched. 

Here are eight clever ways to earn money: watching shows and movies on Netflix.

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1. Work as a Netflix Tagger

The Netflix tagger job is perfect for those who love depleting Netflix content. 

2. Viggle Tracking

The Viggle application is designed to help TV networks and other trademarks precisely target and reach a possible sustainable audience.

3. Watch, Review, and Blog

Start a review blog regarding various suggestions for what to watch that can shift into a profitable online business.

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4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Group has been a well-known figure in breaking down television data regarding ratings. Install the application on your laptop or desktop; the company can track your internet usage. 

5. Participate in Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate means you use special links to big companies like Netflix to obtain commissions for completing specific tasks or when various actions occur.

6. Closed Captioning

Closed captioning means transcribing movies, television shows, or other content you watch, and this can be an excellent part-time or potentially a full-time job.

7. Create a YouTube Channel or Podcast

Create a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing and summarizing the Netflix shows and movies you watch. Start a podcast dedicated to talking about what shows or movies to watch on Netflix, gaining some traction and earning money through advertisement revenue.

8. Rewards Sites

Reward sites like Swagbucks, Blackout Bingo, Survey Junkie, and the like offer tasks to earn points, such as watching videos, playing games, or filling out surveys.

If you stream much content or like watching movies and shows on Netflix, consider exploring some options to make extra money while doing so.

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