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Quiet Hiring Trend for A Future Promotion – Here’s How to Use It to Your Advantage

'Quiet Hiring' Trend (GreatHireStaffingAgency)
Revealing the advantages of the emerging corporate 2023 trend of 'Quiet Hiring.

Revealing the advantages of the emerging corporate 2023 trend of ‘Quiet Hiring.

'Quiet Hiring' Trend (YahooFinance)

Revealing the advantages of the emerging corporate 2023 trend of ‘Quiet Hiring.

‘Quiet Hiring’ Trend

what is quiet hiring? let’s first define it. According to Dr. Wanita Mercer, founder, and CEO of Lead My Heart Executive Coaching and Consulting  Quiet hiring is when executives determine employees to work in other roles or departments that may or may not be connected with their current job description to meet a current critical need in the organization.

Moreover, Emily Rose McRae 2023’s new silent corporate phenomenon, ‘quiet hiring’ is not a new occurrence, but it has been present in the corporate world for quite some time now. It referred to the practice of organizations hiring talent discreetly, with a covert job opening notifications so that their competitors were not notified. Quiet hiring in the context of 2023 is the process of filling gaps organizations face in skills, without taking on full-time talent.

What Opportunities You Can Get From Quiet Hiring?

An organization should not take advantage of an employee’s ability to adapt to changes in the organization. Rather, it should consider this while giving out promotions and bonuses to further encourage such behavior. Several companies announced needing employees to pivot roles, but oftentimes, quiet hiring happens at a lower level.

Ned Philie, a global leader at the organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry advised employees that managers tend to approach employees directly about changing job responsibilities or moving to a different team. To better understand what your company’s immediate hiring needs better ask your manager or a trusted colleague in the human resources department regarding the company’s hiring goals for 2023.

A CNBC report said that it is better to negotiate before committing. If you’ve been given additional loads of work or asked to join new meetings, chances are, you’ve been participating quiet hiring trend without even realizing it.  But if you are taking on more work talk to your manager about a promotion or raise ideally before you make a long-term commitment to either arrangement.

Consult with your manager or HR representative about taking on the new responsibilities that will be added to your future performance appraisal, or if the company would consider revising your job title to better reflect the work you’re doing. Eventually,  it’s important not to burn yourself out whilst pursuing a raise or promotion.


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