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Rising Eviction Notice Across the U.S. Here are Some Things Tenants at Risk Can Do

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has counted more than 9,300 evictions in the nine states and the 32 cities it monitors. In New York City alone, nearly 4,400 families and tenants have been removed from their apartments since January 2022, when an eviction ban was lifted.

Eviction Notice

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Jacob Haas of Eviction Lab said, “Eviction can be a traumatic, destructive experience for the families that face it.”

Here are some things that housing experts advise you to do if you are behind on your rent or at risk of being evicted.

Know your rights

It is important to research and become familiar with tenant rights. Many protections were set during the pandemic. An eviction caused by an increase in rent is considered illegal and can be brought to a housing court. In Portland, Maine, the tenant is entitled to a 90 days notice before eviction. Several cities have implemented their policy, such as regulating rent increases.

Get a lawyer

Housing experts recommend immediately getting a lawyer if the landlord has decided to evict you. Several states offer low-cost or free legal help; you can also visit the website:

Several cities, such as Washington, Maryland, and Connecticut, offer a counseling place that can be visited at:

Consider other options for rent

The National Low Income Housing Coalition website offers a state-by-state guide to relief options and their status.

Some tenants are using their credit cards to cover their rent, but the experts do not recommend it and should only be used in dire situations.

He recommended the tenants ask for an extension or payment plan from the landlord. Renters should also consider borrowing from family members and friends.


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