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IRS: January 23 is the Official Start of the 2023 Tax Filing Season

The Internal Revenue Service has announced January 23, 2023, as the start of the nation’s 2023 tax season, where they will begin to accept and process 2022 tax year returns. The IRS has allocated three extra days to file this year. Many software providers, such as IRS Free File and tax professionals, are already accepting tax returns since January 13,  which they will transmit to the IRS when the IRS system opens.

More than 168 million individuals are expected to participate in this year’s tax filing season, most of whom were coming before the April 18 tax deadline for 2022 tax returns or an extension to file and pay tax. Taxpayers requesting an extension must file until October 16, 2023.

The IRS has several reminders to the taxpayers to ensure fast processing of their taxes and avoid extended processing and refund delays. They encourage people to organize the necessary documents and to review their tax situations carefully:

General Tips on 2023 tax season

  • Gather all necessary documents before filing

All information they need should be complete and accurate. Necessary documents and information should be organized, including Social Security Numbers, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, Adoption Taxpayer Identification Numbers, and this year’s Identity Protection Personal Identification Numbers, valid for 2023.

  • Visit

The IRS advises people to visit first for common questions and the updated status of their refunds. The website also offers several tools designed to help the taxpayers, such as Where’s My Refund? Which offers the taxpayer the ability to check the status of their refund

  • File Electronically and Choose Direct Deposit for Speed Refunds

Filing electronically with direct deposit ensures the individual’s tax return refund is processed without delays. The IRS encourages people to use this method after they have gathered all necessary documents and information. For direct deposit, individuals will need to provide routing and account numbers with their return; they can also use a prepaid debit card, mobile app, or bank account.

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