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Biden Could Push For A New Stimulus Check This 2023

Pres. Joe Biden posted a cryptic message on his social media account that left millions of Americans hoping for a fresh new round of stimulus checks.

Biden’s Message On Stimulus Checks

Pres. Joe Biden posted a cryptic message on his social media account during New Year’s eve that left Americans to speculate that there could be a new round of stimulus checks this year. Stimulus Checks become the hallmark of the present administration since the pandemic began.

Biden wrote on his social media account, “Historic legislation to lower costs for working families and seniors, help keep our communities safe from gun violence, and create good-paying jobs across the country,” However, what people across the country were talking about was when he said “We’ve got more work to do. I look forward to more progress in the new year.”

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Will There Be A New Round of Stimulus Checks?

Even though Bide did not directly mention the possible stimulus checks, he could be speaking about some of his plans in his Build Back Better which failed to pass Congress. It can be remembered that expanding the Child Tax Credit is one of its provisions, according to The U.S. Sun.

Biden has long been campaigning for the expansion and extension of the Child Tax Credit as a part of the COVID-19 relief efforts.

When the American rescue plan was passed, it gave parents a $3,600 credit for every child younger than six and $3,000 for any kids between the ages of six and 17. This initiative expired at the end of 2021.

It is still not clear if there will be a new round of stimulus checks or if Biden will ask Congress to act on it before his term ends.




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