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$50 to $2,000 Monthly Direct Payments for Eligible Americans – Here’s How To Avail

$50 to $2,000 Monthly Direct Payments for Eligible Americans - Here's How To Avail (SK Houston)
Here are some places in America that are set to receive a monthly cash payment.

Here are some places in America that are set to receive a monthly cash payment.

 $50 to $2,000 Monthly Direct Payments for Eligible Americans - Here's How To Avail (SK Houston)

50 places in America are set to receive a monthly cash payment.

Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income (UBI), is a recurring payment that American households get from the government. It is a monthly basis payment,  several times a year, or just once annually. Andrew Yang, a former Democrat who left the party in 2021, is the one who introduced the initiative and centered his 2020 Presidential campaign around it. In 2021 Yang’s run for New York City mayor floated the idea of giving half a million of the lowest-income residents $2,000 payments each year but unfortunately, he did not win.  Moreover, Several cities are giving guaranteed income. The concept is the same with Yang, a no strings attached recurring monthly payment for eligible individuals.

During the mids of the pandemic,  multiple Covid-19 relief packages were passed including stimulus checks to Americans on the federal level, however, those were not implemented to recur but the purpose of helping citizens in need stimulated the economy by giving them more money to spend during a financial downturn. While it’s not like another stimulus package will get passed on to the feds, some states are still sending UBI or guaranteed income to their citizens.

These Are Some of the States that are Sending Assistance Across The U.S.

1. Alaska

Alaska has been sending citizens checks under the Permanent Fund Dividend. It is to provide state citizens with a portion of state oil revenues. To qualify, you must be an Alaskan resident for at least a year, however, if you have been convicted of state felonies or jailed you are not qualified. The total value of PFD and the one-time energy payment for this year is $3,284.

2. Alexandria

In Alexandria, 150 participants are lucky to have a $500 monthly for two years as a guaranteed income pilot.

3. Arizona

families in Phoenix who are struggling as well as  Arizona, are receiving $1,000 debit cards for one year. a family of four’s earnings cannot exceed 80 percent of the median income for the area, which is $63,200 is the term to avail the payment.

4. Atlanta

650 Black women in Atlanta and Georgia are receiving monthly $850 payments for 24 months through the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund.

5. Birmingham

Birmingham City and Alabama are providing  110  single mothers set to receive $375 a month for one year a guaranteed income.

6. Cambridge

This city is offering 120 people a  guaranteed income worth  $500 a month for 18 months.

7. Chelsea

In Chelsea, Massachusetts, 2,000 eligible residents receive a monthly stipend ranging from $200 to $400 a month. November 2020 through August 2021 are the schedule for releasing payments.

8. Chicago

A total of 5,000 low-income residents are getting $500 a month for a year as part of Chicago’s Resilient Communities pilot program. The first wave of recipients started receiving direct payments in July.

9. Columbia

Dads who struggling in Columbia, South Carolina are getting recurring support under a city program. Last year, 100 low-salary fathers in Columbia got debit cards worth $500.

The Compton Pledge is California’s biggest city-based that offers a guaranteed income program for about 800 people who are receiving $1,800 every three months for two years.

11. Cook County

Chicago, 3,250 are set to have $500 in monthly payments for two years. The first was already sent out in the middle of December.


Furthermore, for the Full list of the Cities that are proving monthly direct payments, you can read more here at The U.S Sun: Americans eligible for monthly direct payments between $50 and $2,000 – the full list of cities and states



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