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Stimulus Check: Will There Be A $500 Monthly Payments? When?

Stimulus Payments of $1500
Stimulus Payment: Which state will be able to receive up to $1,500 in the coming weeks. (Photo: BGR)

Stimulus Check: US Citizens to get monthly payments of $500?

A Stimulus Check of $500 is to be given to US Citizens as a direct monthly payment. This is already happening in the state of Missouri, especially in St. Louis. These checks are directed to families having low incomes.

In an announcement given by Mayor Tishaura Jones last Thursday, she stated the city already has plans to send cash to hundreds of families who are not going through a good time as they withstand inflation rates and economic issues during this pandemic.

The presented bill is calling for the state to spend $5 million in funds coming from the pandemic stimulus package. The federal government is urged to agree in sending $500 monthly payments to about 440 families for the next year and a half. This bill is proposed to start immediately and continue to happen until 2024.

Additional $500 Direct Monthly Benefits

Stimulus Checks to give $500 Direct Monthly Benefits. (Photo:MARCA)

Who Are Eligible For The Stimulus Checks?

According to a published post by Marca, the program, although still under approval, would mean that will be factors for people to be considered eligible. People with low income who are either parents or guardians of children in a public school are the first in line to receive such benefits. This would impact the city of St. Louis to offer help to working parents and their children.

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