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Vulnerable Families in NYC Left Hungry and Helpless as EBT Fraud Grows

EBT Fraud Grows Rampant in NYC
Missing Money in SNAP Card Left NYC Families Hopeless and Hungry. (Photo: NewYorkDailyNews)

“Missing Money” in SNAP Card Leaves Families in NYC Hungry

A mother in the name of Evangelisse Tapia lost her remaining money from her SNAP card. She did not have any clue that the money was long gone. According to her she went shopping and bought new things and had some money left for a week’s worth of needs for the kids. Soon after when she told her daughter to purchase goods in the store, the balance was zero.

According to a published post by Smartnews, $239 was the amount stolen from Tapia’s card. This was more than a quarter of the monthly budget she uses to support herself and her four children. That amount was the difference between eating that night and sending her kids to bed hungry. Unfortunately, Tapia’s toddler was to celebrate his birthday in a couple of days. With the money gone, it will be a sad birthday for the young one. Luckily, Tapia still had some savings left so she bought him a cake for the day.

EBT Fraud Grows Rampant and Leave Families in NYC Hungry

NYC Families Left Hopeless and Hungry Due to Rampant EBT Fraud. (Photo: mydailynews)

Rampant Spike in EBT Fraud

NYC is currently witnessing an unexpected rise in this EBT fraud which is mostly considered flying under the radar of local elected officials and punted around by different city, state, and federal agencies. The worst thing is that both federal and state agencies prevent refunds. There is li

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